Sound Recording with Linux

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The articles on this page are aimed at computer-savvy audio engineers who are interested in setting up a dedicated audio workstation using GNU/Linux and other free software. Basic familiarity with Linux system administration and software compilation is assumed.


xfmr-plugins - Anti-aliased analogue emulation plugins

Why I Use Open Source Software for Recording

Using Multiple Sound Cards (Delta 1010 example)


Miscellaneous Audio Stuff
Problems with ALSA pcm_multi
Using Jack 2 without D-Bus on Debian 7
Upgrading Cheap Converters (Delta 1010 Example)

System Administration
Avoiding Bloat in Debian 5 Onwards
Using grub-legacy in Debian 6 Onwards
Disabling UUIDs in Debian 6 Onwards
Disabling systemd in Debian 8
Disabling systemd in Debian 9 and 10

Software thought for the day: People who fix what isn't broken never stop

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