Ardour 2 File Export Problem with SRC


Recent versions of Ardour 2.8.x can export files to the native session sample rate, but cannot successfully export to a different sample rate. Exporting with SRC produces a truncated file.

This can be worked around by exporting without SRC and using command line program sndfile-resample (part of the samplerate-programs package in Debian) to convert, and sox to dither to a reduced bit-depth. It should be possible to use sox to convert sample rate, but in my tests I was unable to make it do a high quality conversion. (This was probably pilot error and not a problem with sox, but I didn't have time to investigate further).

To convert a file from 48kHz to 44.1kHz at highest quality: sndfile-resample -to 44100 -c 0 infile outfile To reduce bit depth to 16 bit with triangular PDF dither: sox infile -b 16 outfile dither Note that sndfile-resample requires a space between a command line option and its value.

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Last updated March 7 2014